The Social Security Administration will allow you to replace a card up to 3 times every year, since this is one of the most common instances.
Change Name On Card
 Applicant's General Information

1. Gender
2. Name (To be shown on SS Card)
3. Did you have a different name at birth?
4. Are you using other names?
5. Does the name on your most recent social     security card match your name above?
6. Social Security Number
    (Please leave blank if you don't have one)
 Applicant's Birth Information

7a. Country
7b. State
7c. City
8. Date of Birth
 Applicant's Citizenship

9. Are you a US Citizen?
 Applicant's Parents Information

14. Mother's Name (At Birth)
15. Does your mother have a Social Security       Card? (If deceased answer "no")
16. Father's Name
17. Does your father have a Social Security       Card? (If deceased answer "no")
 Mailing Address (To receive SS Card)

18. Street
19. Zip Code
20. City
21. State
 Realtionship with Applicant

22. What is your relation to the applicant?
 Agreement and Communication

Daytime Phone Number
Email Address
Re-enter Email Address